Money by Afterpay partners with Digizoo to help build new platform

Afterpay’s unique approach to banking experiences

More than 3-million existing Australian Afterpay customers will have access to Money by Afterpay, its new money and lifestyle app as of October 2021.

The app will provide customers with a financial wellness platform that integrates essential banking products such as savings, transactions accounts, payments etc. with the existing Afterpay BNPL services.

The direction for the new app is to provide a unique customer-centric experience that stands out from other banks and competitors.

Afterpay Executive Vice President of New Platforms Lee Hatton said “We’ve built upon the trust and love of the Afterpay brand to bring Gen Z and Millennials a money and lifestyle app that’s truly built for them. Combining money management with the BNPL offering will allow us to help customers spend, save and play just by using Money as their primary app. We can’t wait to share this with Australians.”

The app will stand out by offering a series of unique money management tools and customer-tailored shopping experiences.

Technical delivery and integration of Afterpay’s new banking app

Afterpay are leveraging Westpac and their new 10x banking platform for accounts and payments in the app.

Digizoo have been selected as Afterpay’s key technology partner in the delivery and integration of the new app to provide technical and banking expertise for:

  • Technical design and delivery
  • Integration with Westpac 10x banking platform
  • Front-end design and build
  • User experience and accessibility frameworks
  • Platform engineering and security
  • Application engineering and CICD

“We’re thrilled to be working with a forward-thinking company like Afterpay to bring new categories of product to the market. The Digizoo team has integrated well with Afterpay’s own team to provide early and rapid delivery” said Robert Kassis, Digizoo CEO.

GCP Platforms

Digizoo helps Greater Bank to build their new digital banking platform in the cloud


Greater Bank is an Australian customer owned mutual bank, based in Hamilton, NSW. The Greater was founded in 1945, and now has over 270,000 customers, 59 branches, and over $7 billion in assets under management. The Greater is currently implementing a major digital transformation strategy to improve all of their digital platforms (web, iOS, and Android). Digizoo have been asked to help Greater Bank achieve their digital transformation goals.

Digizoo’s broad and deep experience brought the necessary confidence and capability to help Greater Bank to make the right decisions early, and establish the foundations for modern digital banking.

Google Cloud Logo

Transitioning to Cloud

Early in 2019, Digizoo was asked by Greater Bank to design and deliver their new, innovative banking platform. Greater Bank had an existing on-premise solution, which was becoming costly, slow to change, and increasingly limiting to the necessary business change. Digizoo’s experience was a key enabler for Greater Bank’s decision to implement a cloud-native solution on Google Cloud Platform, to capitalise on innovative technologies and improve their time-to-market.

Cloud-native solutions are designed to capitalise on the scalability and flexibility of the cloud, working effectively in combination with an agile approach to delivery. Greater Bank was able to modernise their architecture, shift workloads, and make changes to their solution faster and more reliably. Utilising a cloud-native solution also lowered risk for Greater Bank, providing superior scalability and security; with lower maintenance costs and redundancy.

Greater Bank Works with Digizoo to Deliver New Innovative Banking Platform

Digizoo’s expertise and track record of banking platform delivery in the cloud became a catalyst for helping build and transition Greater Bank’s new Digital Technology Team. Digizoo provided technical specialists for all key areas including:

  • Core Banking Integration with Data Action
  • Cutting edge infrastructure as code using Google Cloud Platform; design and build, security, and automation with CI/CD
  • Backbase Omni-Channel Customer Experience Platform; Native Web, iOS, and Android Banking Applications
  • New integrated digital security platform
  • API Management with Google Apigee
  • User Experience and Accessibility practices and standards
  • Regulatory compliance and Open Banking standards.

Partnership and Mentorship

Digizoo and Greater Bank have forged a strong partnership, based on successfully completing every delivery milestone to date. The long-standing success of this partnership is a result of making the right decisions from the beginning. Digizoo helped Greater Bank to modernise their ways of working to a new agile approach, establishing new practices and structures within Greater Bank using proven methodology and frameworks. The resulting business and development processes became more streamlined and cohesive, also providing the ability to integrate with Fintech’s and new opportunities easier.

By establishing a holistic environment, all individuals from each team had the ability to up-skill themselves and benefit from mentorship in all technology disciplines. Thanks to this mentorship focused team structure, several team members were able to obtain Google Cloud certifications and improve their personal development.

The Result 

Partnering with Digizoo has led to Greater Bank successfully completing all of their delivery milestones and achieving a foundational modern banking platform. The platform consists of a contemporary banking app with full payment capability. Digizoo continues to work closely with Greater Bank on future releases to incrementally upscale users. Greater Bank now has a cohesive development team with the necessary capability and frameworks to allow them to achieve all future milestones.

For new banks and startups

Are you building a bank from the ground up? Do you need the best solutions for a successful delivery?

person pointing at sticky notes on a board

You can trust us to bring your ideas to life. Our team has done it before, and we know what to do every step of the way. By leveraging our frameworks, capability, and experience you can feel secure that you’re making the right decisions. Whether you prefer a bespoke solution, or an out-of-the-box solution; we’ve done it.

Accelerate your delivery with our expertise in banking platform solutions. We give you the confidence to make the right decisions early; by meshing our experienced team together with your in-house team, we enable you to be self-sufficient during and after a successful delivery.

We can help you build your platform from end-to-end with specialists in all areas including:

  • End-to-end banking platforms in the cloud
  • Responsive web and native app development
  • DevOps and security experts
  • UX and front-end banking experts
  • Regulatory expertise
  • Omni-channel digital banking
  • Integration with well-known banking solutions
  • Open banking experience for new, small, and larger banking solutions.


Greater Bank partners with Digizoo to build modern banking platform

Digizoo has been selected to bring its specialist expertise in digital banking platforms by assisting Greater Bank in Newcastle to design and deliver an innovative new banking platform.

The solution is cloud-native on the Google Cloud Platform to take advantage of the most modern and innovative technologies, and improve time to market.

Digizoo are providing technical specialists in all key areas including, Core Banking Integration, Cloud Platform design and build, Open Banking standards, Backbase Customer Experience Platform, Security, Automation with CI/CD, new ways of working in Agile and remote working.

The new platform will allow Greater Bank to quickly adapt and respond to the fast-changing financial environments in the future.


Digizoo forms partnership with Google Cloud

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has in recent times made progress that puts it ahead of the other two players AWS and Azure.

GCP provides a more considered and usable feature set that makes many of the mundane scenarios easy without having to revert to extensive scripting to put together many smaller components.

Google Cloud Partner Badge.

For the banking and financial services world, Digizoo has already delivered complete banking platforms in the cloud with regulatory approval from APRA.

We’re excited about building another banking platform to run on GCP where the time to build and operating costs will be reduced even further thanks to the benefits that the GCP offers.

FinTech neo banks

Cuscal selects Digizoo to build new neobank platform 86 400

Australia’s leading provider of payments solutions Cuscal has selected Digizoo to design and construct its new strategic digital banking platform.

Cuscal had been working extensively with Digizoo in technology assessment and prototyping to inform the strategic direction and associated business case for the new digital banking platform.

The breadth of technology expertise that Digizoo were able to offer within a small incubator team was able to demonstrate the value and potential of the strategic vision in a very short space of time, was a key factor in ensuring that Digizoo were selected to continue with the full implementation of the platform.

Digizoo’s role is to lead the design and development, while assisting the new business to recruit and mentor their own staff so that they are self-sufficient. The role of enablers sits well with Digizoo’s mantra of fostering capability and allowing clients to truly transform their organisation, not just their technology stack.

Update: The new brand was publicly announced in June 2018 as 86 400 bank, with a public launch date in early 2019.

User Experience

Digizoo enters into strategic alliance with Expiriti

Digizoo and Expiriti have joined forces in a strategic alliance that brings together Digizoo’s highly accomplished technology delivery capability with Expiriti’s reputation and pedigree in User Experience research, training, and mentoring.

“…we’re very excited to provide our clients with an end-to end UX design and research capability to optimise their entire digital banking journeys”.

Expiriti are Australia’s premier user experience research consultancy, with their own dedicated studio and usability lab located in the Sydney CBD.

“Having worked together on several projects, it was clear that our approaches and philosophies for client enablement and self sufficiency were in sync” said Robert Kassis, Director of Sales and Marketing at Digizoo.

“We’re very excited to provide our clients with an end-to end UX design and research capability to optimise their entire digital banking journeys”.

Mike Feghali, Principal at Expiriti is also pleased at being able to assist their clients by “offering the follow through implementation services that complement the UX and customer centric vision that we work with our clients to build”.

Further information about Expiriti can be found at


Digizoo – Australia’s first Backbase Partner

Digizoo forms strategic partnership with Backbase, the world’s leading provider of Customer Experience solutions for Banking and Financial Services.

Backbase logo

The Digizoo team have undertaken training and will initially be working with product experts from Backbase in the Netherlands to design and implement the solution for Westpac Institutional Bank in Sydney.

The partnership will see Digizoo providing deep technical expertise in the Backbase product and associated technologies to help local institutions to bootstrap their implementations and transformation programs.

Digizoo are very excited to be Australia’s first and only Backbase partner and helping Australian customers to achieve successful outcomes in their digital transformation projects.


Westpac – Australia’s first Backbase customer

Digizoo staff are engaged in key roles within the WIB Digital team to establish the first implementation of the Backbase Customer Experience platform in Australia for Westpac Institutional Bank.

team planning on a whiteboard

A key project outcome is to pave the way for some significant technology and organisational change in areas that had entrenched groupthink over the years. Challenges in the areas of infrastructure, security, Agile, Integration, DevOps were all needing to be met head on in a project that takes the organisation on a transformation journey.

Compliance with the stringent standards for the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) to facilitate banking in Asia are an additional complexities for standards of probity and security that are well beyond the needs for Australia.