Money by Afterpay partners with Digizoo to help build new platform

Afterpay’s unique approach to banking experiences

More than 3-million existing Australian Afterpay customers will have access to Money by Afterpay, its new money and lifestyle app as of October 2021.

The app will provide customers with a financial wellness platform that integrates essential banking products such as savings, transactions accounts, payments etc. with the existing Afterpay BNPL services.

The direction for the new app is to provide a unique customer-centric experience that stands out from other banks and competitors.

Afterpay Executive Vice President of New Platforms Lee Hatton said “We’ve built upon the trust and love of the Afterpay brand to bring Gen Z and Millennials a money and lifestyle app that’s truly built for them. Combining money management with the BNPL offering will allow us to help customers spend, save and play just by using Money as their primary app. We can’t wait to share this with Australians.”

The app will stand out by offering a series of unique money management tools and customer-tailored shopping experiences.

Technical delivery and integration of Afterpay’s new banking app

Afterpay are leveraging Westpac and their new 10x banking platform for accounts and payments in the app.

Digizoo have been selected as Afterpay’s key technology partner in the delivery and integration of the new app to provide technical and banking expertise for:

  • Technical design and delivery
  • Integration with Westpac 10x banking platform
  • Front-end design and build
  • User experience and accessibility frameworks
  • Platform engineering and security
  • Application engineering and CICD

“We’re thrilled to be working with a forward-thinking company like Afterpay to bring new categories of product to the market. The Digizoo team has integrated well with Afterpay’s own team to provide early and rapid delivery” said Robert Kassis, Digizoo CEO.